Keegan Precast - Precast concrete walls floors and stairs

Pinewood Studio Sound Stage

Pinewood Studio's, Pinewood Road, Iver Heath SL0 0NH, UK.

Construction contract

Two new sound stages were to be built and required precast panels to the lower 5m of the stage and for the complete perimeter. All panels had to achieve their required insulation U Value and the db rating because of their use.

Proportion of Project undertaken

All perimeter precast insulated panels to the both sound stages.

Function / Role

We provided a full design/co-ordination/detailing service for the precast elements from receipt of the Architects and Engineers drawings. Once this was done and approved by the Client we then manufactured the elements in our carousel factory, delivered them to site to be fitted by a crew employed directly by the main contractor.

Precast Elements Required

300mm KC Wall

150mm Solid Wall



Design Team

Sir Robert McAlpine (in house)
Sir Robert McAlpine (in house)


Sir Robert McAlpine