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Precast Twin Wall

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Keegan Precast Design, Manufacture and Erect paint-ready made precast concrete Twin Walls.

Our Precast Concrete Twin Wall combines the dimensional accuracy and quality control of precast walls with the flexibility of in-situ concrete. The Twin Wall arrives on site as two leaves tied together with steel lattice girder and is filled with in-situ concrete on site.  The final wall is a solid concrete wall with a high quality paint-ready finish on both sides.

Keegan Precast Concrete Twin Walls are ideal for use in Cross-wall Construction, Hotels, Nursing Homes and Apartments, and when combined with our Filigree slabs they provide a complete monolithic “Paint-Ready” structure.


Key Features

  • Innovative Precast Twin Wall System, designed to meet the highest of engineering standards in the construction industry
  • Consists of two 70mm thick precast leafs with high quality smooth external finish and chamfered edges
  • Panel sizes up to max 3.0m x 9.5m and weighing up to 10 ton with thickness's ranging from 200mm to 400mm
  • High strength reinforced concrete to EN206 used in all Twin Walls
  • Acoustic Properties - Typically 50DB reduction for 200mm Twin Wall
  • "Paint Ready" Precast Concrete Twin Walls are cured in the factory

The Benefits

  • The advantages of off-site construction with factory tolerances and high quality factory finishes
  • The structural integrity equivalent to any in-situ designs
  • The high levels of acoustic control and fire ratings that cannot be achieved by any other precast system
  • Reduced staff on site - less operatives required for erecting walls
  • The pre-installation of electrical conduits and outlets during production provides for faster construction of a building
  • The speed of erection and certainty of programmed schedules
  • The finished precast structure will have a monolithic quality that is unique to twin wall and will provide superior levels of air tightness
  • Reduced drying out time required - walls can be decorated immediately.