Precast KC Wall

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Product Overview

Our KC Wall Panels achieve u -values ranging from 0.15 to 0.30.

KC Walls are made using the Thermomass® or similar composite wall connector pin.  The use of Thermomass® Pin is covered under the German Zulasung Certification.  These wall panels are manufactured as “True Twin Walls” – i.e. both faces are cast on a fine polished steel pan and oscillated to achieve an exemplary finish. This differs to our competitors who use power-floats which provide an inconsistent finish.

Both leaves are tied together using pultruded glass reinforced fibre rods. The wall panel is then filled with in-situ concrete on-site to provide a robust monolithic concrete structure.

Key Features

  • Time saving – fast track construction method
  • Reduced labour on site – less operatives required for erection process
  • Insulated – wall panels with U Values ranging from 0.15 – 0.30
  • Use of Thermomass wall ties to minimise cold bridging
  • High strength reinforced concrete to EN206 used in all Twin Walls
  • Reduced drying out time required – walls can be decorated immediately“
  • Paint Ready” Precast Concrete Twin walls are cured in factory conditions


  • The Advantages of off-site construction with factory tolerances and high quality factory finishes
  • The pre-installation of electrical conduits and outlets during production provides for faster construction of a building
  • The structural integrity equivalent to any in-situ designs
  • The speed of erection and certainty of programmed schedules
  • High levels of acoustic control and fire ratings that can be achieved by any other precast system
  • The finished precast structure will have a monolithic quality that is unique to twin wall and will provide superior levels of air tightness
  • Reduced staff on site – less operatives required for erecting walls
  • Reduced drying out time required – wall can be decorated immediately
  • Gives a complete insulated shell ready for fit out, thereby taking the brickwork/cladding off the critical path

Our tailor made precast wall range also includes;
We also design, manufacture and install tailor made precast filigree floor slabs.