All Keegan Precast panels are transported to site on stillages using our fleet of trucks. Stillages remove the need for a crane to lift each precast panel off on arrival to the site which facilitates more on-site assembly of the precast structure.

Our production manager supplies our erection crew on-site with a detailed drawing of the precast panels which form the precast structure. The dispatch department located next to our manufacturing plant schedules the timely delivery of all stillages to site.

Each precast panel is identified on the drawing by a unique bar code. The erection crew use this information to mark the position of each panel on-site.

Our experienced erection crew’s receive regular training to ensure they adhere to the safe system of works on-site at all times. Keegan Precast places emphasis on ensuring the health and safety of all staff members and the general public while erecting our precast structures on-site in the UK and Ireland.

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