Our state-of-the-art precast manufacturing facility is located at our head office at Trammon, Rathmolyon, Co Meath, Ireland. The factory boasts German Precision Engineering and state of the art automated facilities. Production commences once our product manager electronically receives the 3D model from our design department located next door.

The manufacturing process involves a number of stages; plotting the structure, placement of cut outs / castings, cleaning / placement of magnetic shutters, gluing of electric boxes / casting items, coating the whole pallet, placement of steel and lattice girders, steel is tied, lifting hooks fitted, measuring/ cutting out of insulation boards, placement of steel rockets, concrete is ordered and poured, air is removed and the panel is removed to the curing chamber.

The computerised pallet oscillating platform removes air from the freshly poured concrete and as a result provides a paint ready finish. This paint ready finish is a unique selling point for our precast panels. It eliminates the need for further work to be carried out to the panels when they arrive on-site.

Once the manufacturing process is completed all precast panels are transported to our curing chamber under the control of the host computer. This chamber can hold a total of 36 steel bed pallets.

The precast panels are removed from the curing chamber by a crane and placed on one of our custom made bar coded transport stillages. Each precast panel is bar coded to ensure the traceability of all products. All bar coding information is passed to our Dispatch Department which is also located next to manufacturing plant.

Keegan Precast Ltd received the CE Mark from the BSI in April 2013. All our concrete is certified by BSI to IS EN 206 and BS 8500. We produce all concrete for our precast panels on-site.

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