Precast Retaining Wall

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Product Overview

Keegan Precast Design, Manufacture and Install bespoke Retaining Wall Systems.

Our retaining walls are manufactured using the “Twin Wall” system complete with in-situ reinforced concrete in-filling.  All Keegan Precast retaining walls are bespoke designed to meet the requirements of our clients.

Our retaining walls are ideal for the perimeter of a warehouse where they are capable of spanning from pad to pad without any intermediate ground beam or foundation support.

The wall can also be used to replace the traditional cantilever retaining wall where the twinwall replaces the stem of the wall and sits on the insitu base and starter bars as normal. The top of any wall can be sloped to follow the profile of the ground behind the wall.

Key Features

  • “Twin Wall” System
  • In-Situ Reinforced Concrete
  • Bespoke Design
  • Timely & Cost Effective

Our tailor made precast wall range also includes;
We also design, manufacture and install tailor made precast filigree floor slabs.