Precast Stairs and Landings

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Product Overview

All precast stairs and landings are designed and manufactured in reinforced concrete to suit the individual requirements of clients.  In our precast manufacturing plant the stairs are cast on their side to ensure we maximise the steel plate finish obtained from the moulds we use.

Our precast stairs and landing system suits our own precast twin wall and filigree floor products to provide a complete precast shell solution with all hidden fixings. However our precast stairs and landing can also be used in traditional construction projects in isolation.  Our erection crew will easily fit them to masonry, in-situ concrete or steel frames taking into account the different requirements for disproportionate collapse and the fixings required for each.

Key Features

  • The stairs and landing are ready to be used once fitted
  • Provides immediate safe vertical access in a building
  • Off-site construction ensures dimensional tolerances are met due to our ISO 9001 certification
  • Off-site construction eliminate costly and complex formwork and propping on-site
  • Just in time deliveries ensures construction programs are met
  • Concrete construction ensures inherent fire resistance
  • All flush fitting / lifting points are factory placed ensuring accuracy and minimizes site works after the stairs is placed

All concrete sections are cast using standard procedures in a controlled production environment.  The moulds are constructed from steel to achieve accurate dimensional control.  Tolerances are agreed with the client prior to commencement of manufacture.

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