N.O.R.A. Poolbeg

Location: Poolbeg, Dublin

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Project Overview

Site: Sub-Contract for Precast Concrete Sub-Contract Package for Poolbeg Tank Farm Terminal Refurbishment.

Construction contract:
We designed, manufactured, delivered and installed the Bund walls, Tertiary and Baffle walls.

Site location:
Poolbeg, Dublin

Function/role of Firm in delivery of project:
We provided a full design/coordination/detailing service for the precast elements from receipt of the Architects and Engineers drawings. Once this is was done and approved by the Client. We then manufactured the elements in our carousel factory, delivered them to site and installed the units. We also supervised and controlled the erection to ensure programme and quality is met.

Proportion of Project undertaken:
3.5m HIGH, Supply Bund walls with Stainless Steel Water bar Integration. 2m HIGH BUND WALLS, Supply Bund walls with Stainless Steel, Water-bar integration. 1.5m HIGH TERTIARY WALL. 2m HIGH BAFFLE WALLS, 2.5m HIGH BAFFLE WALLS

Precast elements required:
PCC TW 300mm

Construction Contract value: €400m

Value of firm’s commission/contract: €776k




Contracting Authority name
Doherty Finnegan Kelly

Contracting Authority address:
Botanic Court,
30 – 32,
Botanic Road.,
Glasnevin, D9

Contracting Authority contact name:
Emmet Finegan
Phone (01) 830 1852

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